Caleb has 16 years of experience in geology; working in a variety of roles such as Project Geologist, Environmental Geologist, GIS analyst, Stratigrapher, Paleontologist, and Field Geologist. Caleb has also served in a variety of laboratory roles including, but not limited to, lithologic thin section creation/analysist, paleontologic fossil preparation, chemical molding/casting, water chemistry, and paleomagnetism sample testing.



  • Published geologic research in peer reviewed, scientific journals.
  • Conducted multi-day fieldwork and field investigations.
  • Analyzed and measured stratigraphy in the field.
  • Collected samples for lab analysis.
  • Made and analyzed thin sections for mineralogic content and water permeability.
  • Prepped and analyzed samples using a Scanning Electron Microscope for clay mineralogy and content.
  • Taught and supervised junior geologists in the field.

Environmental Geologist

  • Analyzed previous land ownership and usage using historical data and aerial photography.
  • Created multi-layer maps using GIS software.
  • Conducted field investigations for possible contaminants.
  • Coordinated with multiple individuals and state and federal government agencies.
  • Conducted Phase I environmental site assessments.


  • Conducted paleontologic field surveys for building projects.
  • Recovered countless fossil specimens in the field.
  • Maintained a museum fossil collection.
  • Preparation and preservation of fossil specimens.
  • Published paleontologic research in peer reviewed, scientific journals.
  • Bachelors in Geology, University of New Mexico 2007
  • Masters in Geology, Texas Tech University 2011
  • Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) 40-hour HAZWOPER safety certification
  • International Association of Sedimentologists (member)
  • MENSA (member)
  • Geologic Society of America (member)