Jared has 2 years of experience working in engineering, and leadership roles, such as Lead Foreman, Project Manager and Surveyor.


Staff Professional I (Engineer)

  • Report writing for sub-divisions, commercial and residential properties (drainage reports)
  • Concrete testing for City of Pueblo (Gateway Plaza) and O’Reilly’s in Walsenburg, Pueblo West Metropolitan District (PWMD) for water tower project
  • Project Manager for PWMD in Pueblo West, Colorado
  • On-site inspections (proof-roll, rebar, open hole, and perimeter drain)
  • Compaction testing for City of Pueblo (Gateway Plaza), PWMD water tower project, Busch Farms windmill project (cable trenching) in Walsenburg, Colorado

Lead Foreman (Quality Assurance)

  • Supervise and direct workers to carry out and execute the jobs that were assigned
  • Ensure that all employees were carrying out their tasks and duties effectively
  • Conduct field testing on concrete during scheduled concrete pours. Testing was for slump and air, and cylinders were also made at that time as well for future testing

Surveyor (Commercial and Residential)

  • Conduct physical site surveys using a variety of equipment and tools.
  • Process field data, coordinate field staff, and interface with CADD
  • Schedule projects to meet deadlines
  • Colorado State University-Pueblo BSE Civil Engineering Technology 2018
  • American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)
  • Colorado Professionals in Onsite Wastewater (CPOW)