Geotechnical Drilling by Jesik Consulting

Geotechnical drilling is a process of making cylindrical holes in the ground conducted prior to the construction of buildings and others massive structures. The main purpose of geotechnical drilling is to determine applicability of construction through the analysis of subsurface conditions and soil and rocks characteristics. Geotechnical drilling is carried out under the supervision of […]

What is Geotechnical Engineering and Why is it Critical for Your Project?

Wheeled loader at construction site

Geotechnical engineering falls under the classifications of civil engineering and is an important part of any development aspect. It is important that every civil project is given a geotechnical risk assessment. Geotechnical engineering is the study of subsurface information that will allow us to determine the best possible alternative. There is no one-size-fits-all standard for […]

Professional Construction Inspections and Materials Testing


One of the major specializations of Jesik Consulting is to test physical, mechanical and other required characteristics of construction materials. The list below represents the areas of expertise and activities that are currently in the portfolio of Jesik Consulting. Slab and Footing Inspections Slab and footing are the essential parts of foundations that provide solid […]

Jesik Consulting Celebrating New Facility Completion on May 3rd, 2022

Jesik is pleased to announce the completion of our new office, accredited laboratory, and drilling headquarters in Pueblo, Colorado. This new 7,500 square feet facility will allow us to provide additional asphalt, thermal, and electrical conductivity testing in addition to our concrete and soils testing services. Site work will begin mid-March and we will host […]