Site investigation services are always individualized for the site being assessed. We will put site investigation procedures in place that will ensure that all quality controls are in place to meet the project requirements.

No matter what size the project, our site investigation procedures lay out the framework to ensure that all of the information required for the project is gathered in such a manner as to comply with project requirements, quality expectations, and reporting standards.

Site Investigation Planning

Site investigations can be exceedingly complex no matter what size job. Our experience has allowed for worldwide services for design engineering, mining, and water resource projects.

Our experience tells us what type of data is needed for each project. We use our knowledge of site investigation procedures to recommend which in-situ testing, drilling, geotechnical instrumentation and quality control needs to be in place.

In concert with the site itself, knowledge of the available equipment and staff capabilities will allow us to make recommendations towards current procedures and quality controlled methods for data gathering.

A new site project will also need to have various forms to log the data. Jesik Consulting will design and set up all of your paper forms, computers, software, and personal data assistants for the field work required. Proper paperwork can keep your project aligned with any oversight requirements.

Site investigation planning and control can save the project money. Our evaluation processes can tell if a contractor has the proper equipment and experience to service your project. This saves potential aggravation over the wrong equipment and personnel being onsite.

Evaluation of Drilling Contractors

We guarantee that we will find the appropriate drilling contractors for your project. During the site investigation planning process, we will visit current sites of each potential drilling contractor to make sure that their work is in alignment with our standards. If they do not have any active projects, Jesik Consulting personnel will visit their corporate offices.

The factors we evaluate include equipment, environmental management, safety, staff capabilities, logistics, and maintenance. These are evaluated according to specific parameters that are in place due to our extensive experience. We then prepared a final report that shows our findings and rating of each potential contractor.
Our site investigation plan and quality control standards will bring you the best candidates for your project as we will evaluate three or four different contractors. Only those that meet our strict standards will be recommended for your project.

Our site investigation services include the coordination and scheduling of:
  • Engineers and geologists
  • Equipment
  • Geophysical studies
  • Instrumentation installation
  • Drilling priorities and movements
  • Test pits
  • Environmental ponds and protection related to the environmental factors of the particular site
  • Health and safety
  • Any additional equipment or consultants necessary to complete the site investigation within required time parameters