Have you ever scrolled through our website and thought, “Man that’s boring” or “I’m never gonna get those 3 minutes of my life back”? hey, that’s ok, we all have. That’s because here at Jesik Consulting our staff is far to busy to maintain consistent content on this fancy schmancy website. I’m fixin to change that though and hopefully provide you the reader with not only some very cool topics to discuss with your friends and family but also some cool tidbits about Jesik Consulting and this hard-working staff.

Jesik Consulting has just breached it’s 4-year anniversary and it’s been a very exciting 4 years indeed. In November 2014 2 people started Jesik Consulting in a small office space that housed our Soils lab and our office desk. The company managed to grow over 50% every single year by completing private and public projects with geotechnical engineering, grant writing, water treatment design, civil engineering, and soil and concrete testing services. Going in to year five Jesik is very pleased to announce that Summer 2019 we will be breaking ground to build our very own office building. Keep reading to find out just how big this sucker is going to be. Aside from the office specs, I’m also going to tell you about our parking lot design which will incorporate a feature we are very proud of as it is an engineering gem that only one other place In Pueblo Colorado has utilized.

As you can see from the picture the future of Jesik Consulting is not looking shabby at all. This building will house everything we need as a company and then some. On the surface: It will be a 2-story building with a single sloped roof that’s 18 ft on the low side and about 90 ft in length. Which is going to be a 4,500 sq. ft size steel building. Now you may be asking yourself, “Why does Jesik need that kind of space?” As I mentioned earlier the company has grown over 50% with every passing year since inception. That’s a big round number. With the space we have provided now we are barely making it. Barely getting work done with integrity intact. With this new building our quality of work is going to improve with numbers just as big as our very own growth rate. Something we couldn’t be more thrilled about. Just the thought of the new lab makes me grin from ear to ear. Shaker machines built into the wall as they are meant to be, Sieve stations, Swell test stations (consolidation), a GRANDE Casa Grande station for Atterberg tests (plasticity), a Proctor room and gravel room, a concrete station and our very own fog room for curing concrete cylinders that will maintain its own humidity levels utilizing state of the art technology. >Mind Blown< Everyone at Jesik give yourselves a well-deserved pat on the back.

Next to the ginormous lab is an equal in size garage that will serve as a support shop for our drill rig(s) and trucks. Our professional Drill Rig Operators will have a nice large work space to maintain our vehicles. Using brand new tools and equipment our operators will have the drive and confidence to keep our vehicles in tip top shape with no hassle, like it has been in the past. Especially in the colder months. Not having a garage or work space to maintain vehicles is no fun at all but soon these woes will be a thing of the past and it really is something to be excited for. Up next I’ll tell you about the main office and a preview of the second story.

The main office which will be on the opposite end that the support garage falls on will house a cozy place for the Administrative assistant, a conference room, management office, a men’s and women’s restroom, the stairway to the second floor, a work floor for drafters, engineers and interns and of course a break room. It’s a lot but necessary as the company goes into its first milestone. Now I said I would give you a preview of what is happening on the second floor so here goes a tiny clue; “a salted trove”. Mull on that for a bit and if you come back to read more of my blogs Your sure to get the clear answer to the clue.

The final tidbit about Jesik Consulting’s new digs that I would like to leave you with is a little something about our Parking lot. Now Jesik purchased a lot that sits directly behind the Chieftain building and now it’s no secret that our ambitions for this building are high up there. Having said that, we ran into a couple speed bumps when it came to parking lot size. We would lose a lot of build space if we were to implement a regular drainage system. One way we found to mitigate that issue to suit our building needs was to build our parking lot using PERMEABLE ASPHALT. Something I will go into more detail about in a future blog, come back if that is something your interested in learning more about. Basically, with permeable asphalt paving we cut out the need for a drainage pond and ditch, because the water seeps right through the asphalt and into a drainage system that is below it. This is beneficial in many ways including environmental and safety-wise. They are non-slip because they don’t ice over and water that hasn’t seeped into the ground evaporates quickly as it is a low amount. I won’t bore you with all the science, I want to save that for another blog, if you are interested in how this engineering gem really works and the pros and cons of utilizing permeable asphalt paving check back later.

Thanks so much for stopping by and listening to what about our future that has us feeling proud and excited. Summer 2019 folks expect Ground Breaking 2.0. Cheers and have a great week.