July 17, 2015

Jesik Consulting is pleased to announce the grand opening of our engineering, drilling, and testing services based in Pueblo, Colorado. Jesik Consulting specializes in small to large civil engineering projects that interact with soil, rock or water. Most geotechnical and water resource engineering in southern Colorado is completed by companies headquartered out of the region, primarily from Colorado Springs or Denver. Jesik Consulting has the resources and equipment to complete this engineering by experienced and qualified staff from the Pueblo area. This not only means a savings in travel costs, but design and recommendations from personnel that understand local subsurface conditions and construction.

Jesik has its’ own drilling rig to collect subsurface samples and perform in place testing on soils. Our experienced construction inspectors and our soils and concrete laboratory equipped with new, state of the art equipment provide quality control services during construction.

We can also help communities secure financing for potable water and wastewater projects.

Jesik Consulting’s experience with geotechnical and water related civil engineering projects started in 2005. The Chief Engineer of Jesik Consulting, Mr. Andy Jesik, was born and raised in Pueblo and after gaining invaluable experience around the world he returned to Pueblo. He has a Bachelor’s of Science in civil engineering from the Colorado School of Mines. He has experience in projects that range from single-family homes, highway and roadway design and construction, to design and development of new capital improvements for multi-billion dollar mining projects in the U.S., Peru, Colombia, Congo, and Mexico. In addition to local projects, Mr. Jesik travels to large mining projects around the world to train consulting engineers in the field and at new offices.