Proper design of the asphalt or concrete mix in combination of an appropriate pavement cross section design based upon site specific sub-grade characteristics are essential to a long-lasting roadway. These two designs can be applied to new pavements and to rehabilitation of existing pavements.

Jesik Consulting can complete a pavement survey of existing asphalt or concrete pavements to evaluate cost and effectiveness of complete replacement, patching, milling, and overlaying. Surveys are frequently completed using a falling-weight deflectometer, ground penetrating radar, or coring.

Asphalt & Concrete Mix Design

Jesik Consulting’s accredited, modern, and fully equipped laboratory can complete asphalt or concrete mix designs according to design procedures adopted by the FAA, AASHTO, Portland Cement Association, Asphalt Institute, MGPEC, or CDOT.

Pavement Cross Section Designs

Pavement thickness designs consider the on-site sub-grade, imported base course, and concrete or asphalt properties. Along with material properties, traffic loading (airplanes, passenger cars, wind turbine towers, etc), design life, and pavement drainage are also considered. Jesik Consulting designs the pavement thickness in accordance with AASHTO, CDOT, FAA, or Local requirements.

A site investigation is usually required to evaluate the stability and swell potential of the sub-grade. The scope of the site investigation is determined from existing site conditions and regulatory requirements.

We usually provide several options for a pavement design, this typically includes a full thickness pavement section and a composite pavement section for both asphalt and concrete.