Site Investigation Procedures & Quality Controls

We prepare project specific or company wide site investigation procedures and quality control programs. The procedures and programs lay the framework to ensure the site investigation collects the required information in ​a format acceptable to all parties, meet quality standards as well as reporting standards. Jesik Consulting wants to insure the tests are completed in a manner so that owners, designers and regulators accept the site investigation results.

Site Investigation Planning

We specialize in planning and executing complex Site Investigations around the world for design engineers, research projects, mining efforts and water resource projects. ​These projects can range from small projects to multi-million dollar projects. Our thorough understanding of what data is needed, site investigation procedures, in-situ testing, geotechnical instrumentation, quality control and soil and rock drilling allows us to review and recommend current procedures and methods to collect the proper amount of quality information based on the available equipment and staff capabilities in a specific region. We can also design and set up paper forms, software, computers, and personal data assistants (PDA’s) for any field work.

Drill Contractor Rating/Evaluation

Our evaluation process ensures that a competent drilling contractor with the correct equipment is selected for the proposed site investigation work. Typically site visits are completed at each drillers active job site. If the driller does not have an active project, we may visit the driller’s office. Equipment, staff capabilities, environmental management, safety, logistics and maintenance are rated according to specific parameters. A final report is prepared showing the evaluation, findings, and ratings. The process often involves traveling to 3 or 4 areas of the country or region so that several contractors can be evaluated for a specific project. We will ensure that the site investigation is completed according to the site investigation plan and quality control standards.​

Services Include Scheduling and the Coordination of:
  • Engineers and geologists​​​
  • Equipment​
  • Construction of ​​​​access and drilling pads
  • Environmental ponds and protection
  • Geophysical studies
  • Instrumentation installation
  • Health and safety
  • Drilling priorities and movements
  • Test pits
  • Any other consultants or equipment necessary to complete the site investigation to meet deadlines