Wastewater Treatment

Water treatment is where the magic happens. Wastewater from our kitchens and bathrooms are transformed back into clean water, and discharged back into our streams, lakes, and rivers. Goals are universal; treat and discharge water while maintaining adequate capacity for growth, permit compliance and reasonable and sustainable rates for customers.

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Water System Engineering

Water is critical for all life. If it’s your job to keep it clean, abundant, and affordable, having the information and expertise to make informed and confident decisions to maintain, plan, improve, fund, and expand your water systems is paramount. That’s what we believe in; it’s why we exist.

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Water Storage & Distribution

Storing water in your system to meet peak demands and provide backup is a must for systems of all sizes. Tanks are the medium to accomplish that task. Tanks can be tricky, requiring maintenance, mixing, and regular inspections to maximize their longevity and usefulness. We’re here to take the mystery out of tanks.

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Water Supply, Sourcing & Treatment

When it comes to one of the most basic and critical life essentials, running out is not an option. Having adequate sources to support your water system, and the necessary treatment capacity and processes, is a must to keep the water flowing, safely and abundantly.

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